Painting camera “Ideal Line”.

Painting – the variety of colors and effects, glossy, smooth structural surfaces, chemical materials resistance, easy care.
The process of painting consists of : greae elimination from the product, preparation, desiccation, heating.

Paiting dimensions
Length 2.9 m.
Width 2.0 m.
Height 1.9 m.
Weight up to 50 kg.


The painting of hot-galvanized products is not possible.


  • It’s important to mark RAL or NCS color code;
  • Production has to be hangable (with holes or wired elements to hang)


Production preparation

  • If a product was painted before but not by powder coating technology, before powder coating it’s important to apply pellet or sand coating procedure in order to eliminate the residues of a paint (our company doesn’t support these services).
  • The quality of powder coating depends on the surface of a product (the influence of a corrosion or other deffects).